Procurement Fraud

Expose Procurement Deceit

About Procurement Fraud

Do you have valuable information that would fall under the procurement fraud sector? Some examples of procurement fraud can include:

  • Inflating contract prices
  • Approving inflated invoices
  • Approving invoices for work that was not completed, or products not delivered
  • Any financial inducement (Kickbacks) for preferable treatment

If you are aware of any of these dishonest practices by contractors, public servants, or anything of the like that would allow for the perpetrator to gain some kind of advantage, cause any loss to public property or other means during the procurement process, reach out to our team of experts.

Some of the largest settlements to date have been:

Netapp Inc.
$ 0
Recovered by the Government
$ 0
Recovered by the Government
AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile
$ 0
Recovered by the Government

For these cases, millions in rewards have been paid to the whistleblowers. Do you have valuable information that can lead to exposing procurement fraud? Meet with our experts today, for a free and confidential review of your allegations.