About FCPA Fraud

The Foreign Corrupt Practice Act, or FCPA, prohibits bribery towards foreign officials and physicians to enhance business deals. The FCPA ensures that books and records are properly maintained for full transparency of expenses.

Some examples of violations against the FCPA include:

  • Bribing foreign officials to gain business within their country
  • Using bribes to approve a project
  • Bribing local officials to facilitate the import/export of goods
  • And more

If you know of a fraudulent situation that violates the FCPA, contact us to set-up a free and confidential consultation.

Some of the largest settlements to date have been:

$ 0
Recovered by the Government
$ 0
Recovered by the Government
$ 0
Recovered by the Government

For these cases, millions in rewards have been paid to the whistleblowers. Do you have valuable information that can lead to exposing FCPA fraud? Meet with our experts today, for a free and confidential review of your allegations.