About Pharmaceutical Fraud

Do you have a case against a pharmaceutical company? This could involve false claims from insurance companies to the insured or from pharmaceutical companies to the consumer in order for that company to achieve financial gain. Some ways this fraudulent activity could occur in this industry include, but are not limited to:

  • Illegal kickbacks to patients and/or referral sources
  • Fraudulent use of KOLs and Speaker programs
  • Patient assistance programs
  • Physician buy and bill programs
  • Best price fraud
  • Off-label marketing of drugs
  • And more

So, do you have a pharmaceutical whistleblower claim? Get in touch with us and secure your potential reward.

Some of the largest settlements to date have been:

$ 0
rewards paid out
$ 0
AmerisourceBergen Corp​
Billion in rewards paid out
$ 0

For these cases, millions in rewards have been paid to the whistleblowers. Do you have valuable information that can lead to exposing fraud in the pharmaceutical industry? Meet with our experts today, for a free and confidential review of your allegations.